Asus PCE AC56 drivers

Asus pce-ac56 driver is a software that is used for asus pce-ac56 or ac56u in order to make the network connection.

ASUS PCE-AC56 drivers is a dual-band wireless adapter of the Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard, connected to a computer via the PCI Express interface. The peak bandwidth of the device is 867 Mbit/s in the 5 GHz band. In addition, thanks to Broadcom TurboQAM technology, the bandwidth of the 802.11n interface in the 2.4 GHz band when working with compatible network equipment is 400 Mbit/s. The device is supplied with an external base for installing antennas, which can be placed in the most suitable place for optimal operation of the adapter.

Asus PCE-AC56 drivers are important for the functioning of your network adapter. They allow you to connect to the internet and share files with other devices on the same network. The asus pce-ac56 driver is a software that is used for the installation of the asus pce-ac56 driver. It can be used to install the asus pce-ac56 driver in a computer.

How to install driver to Asus pce-ac56

  • Select the desired driver Asus pce-ac56 in the table and download it;
  • Open the downloads folder on your computer;
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to run;
  • Follow the prompts of the installer.;

Asus pce-ac56 drivers Windows 10, 8, 7

ASUS PCE-AC56 Utility – Fixed CVE ID CVE-2017-3196Download
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