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ASUS PRIME Z370-A has classic size for ATX format – 305×244 mm. The model is based on the Intel Z370 chipset and is designed to work with 8th generation Intel Core processors. Recall that in spite of using LGA1151 CPU socket, backward compatibility with previous generations chips is not provided – only Coffee Lake. The new CPU family starts with Core i7-8xxx and Core i5-8xxx 6-core CPUs, as well as Core i3-8xxx 4-core models.

ASUS PRIME Z370-A design team plays with contrasts. Black PCB perfectly combines with snow-white protective cap over interface connectors. At the same time the gray elements of the cooling system and some of the connectors on the PCB bring in vital halftones. The board surface also has some decorative touches.

ASUS PRIME Z370-A uses 10-phase (8+2) power system controlled by Digi+ ASP1400BT discrete controller. Two medium-sized heat sinks cover all MOSFET assemblies. In case you plan to more or less seriously experiment with overclocking, the manufacturer offers to mount an additional 40 or 50 mm fan in the VRM area.

There is one 8-pin ATX12V socket at the board’s top edge for additional power supply.
ASUS PRIME Z370-A offers 4 memory slots for up to 64 GB RAM. As for the supported kits, the work of modules up to DDR4-4000 is announced, and the kits of such standard are already contained in a very large list of modules that have passed validation.

The developers assure that specially designed OptiMem topology with less signal fluctuations allows improving overclocking of memory modules using DDR4-4000+ modes even if four modules are used.

Asus Prime Z370-a download drivers for Windows 11

Armoury Crate & Aura Creator Installer v3.1.3.0Download

Asus Prime Z370-a download drivers for Windows 10

Lan driver Intel v12.18.9.7Download
Management Engine Interface 1914.12.0.1256Download
ChipSet Intel v10.1.18019.8144Download
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.9088.1Download
Driver Intel Graphics Accelerator v26.20.100.6952Download
ASUS CPU-Z V1.99 For Windows 10 64-bitDownload
WinRAR V6.01.0 For Windows 10 64-bit.Download
DAEMON Tools Lite V10.13.0.1387Download
ASUS EZ Update V3.00.11Download
AI_SuiteIII – ASUS AI Suite 3 V3.00.51Download
ASUS Turbo LAN V1.09.01Download
ASUS Ai Charger V1.06.00Download
AURA V1.05.32.02Download
Dual Intelligent Processors 5 v1.05.14Download
IXTU V6.4.0.202Download
Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility V6.4.0.6Download
Driver Intel Rapid Storage Technology v17.5.0.1017Download
Armoury Crate & Aura Creator Installer v3.1.3.0Download

Asus Prime Z370-a download drivers for Windows 7

Intel LAN Driver v22.6.6.0Download
Intel Chipset beta driver V10.1.1.45Download
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.8199Download
ASUS EZ Installer v1.03.16Download

On the physical level, Q-DIMM connectors with a one-way locking mechanism are used. The distance to the conventional axis of the first PCI Express x16 slot in this layout is large, so an installed video card would not interfere with the memory modules in any case, but this mounting option is almost standard for ASUS boards.

The board has the maximum number of expansion slots for ATX format devices. There are three full-length PCI Express x16 and four PCI Express x1 slots on the PCB. The two main slots PCI-E x16, which are connected to the CPU bus line, have a metal reinforcement, which increases the strength of connectors. The board is certified by NVIDIA and allows you to use a pair of graphics cards in a bunch of 2-Way SLI. The third full slot is served by chipset and works in x4 mode, still allowing you to use three graphics adapters with AMD chips in 3-Way CrossFireX mode. Recall that Radeon does not need additional bridges, the video cards are synchronized via PCI Express bus.

Additional lighting is the inevitable fate of almost any motherboard. When planning the illumination scheme for ASUS PRIME Z370-A the developers used a non-standard approach. RGB LEDs are only placed on the PCB back side in the area of ATX power connector. There are no additional diodes even in the audio circuit area, the traditional home of bright fireflies. Who ever dreamed of a board without backlights? Wishes materialize.

If you want to enhance backlighting inside the system unit or bring it outside, there is a 4-pin connector for external RGB-tape (5050, up to 2 m) at the bottom edge of the board.
Backlight settings are adjusted in the ASUS AURA app. A whole set of modes are available. At the same time we note that 8 LEDs are divided into four pairs with independent control channels, which allows you to offer a more diverse lighting repertoire.

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